September 2014, Firstdraft Gallery, Woolloomooloo.

Digital video collage

Duration: 40m01s

40:01 is a story of a man visited by images and a world fooled by ideas. Between his routine existence, the protagonist’s mind is bombarded with snippets of times and places unknown to him. Slowly and agonizingly he begins to assemble them, thinking them glimpses of history. After a restless night, he drags a co-worker into his masterpiece, a flawless recollection of all that ever was.

Constructed from over 130 different audio/visual sources and consisting of over one thousand snippets of Creative Commons and Public Domain media, 40:01 is a story that examines the fallibility of the human memory its relation to the malleability of history. By engaging in a process of constructing a story from disparate sources, 40:01 is akin to the processes underlying history and its potential for distortion. The function of the work is to foster mistrust in its viewers.

Firstdraft, September 2014

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